What is Spikeball?

The sport of roundnet is played 2 vs 2, with a taut hoola hoop sized Spikeball net placed between the teams.  A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it ricochets up at his opponents.  They have up to three hits between them (just like Volleyball) to control the ball and bounce it back off the net.  When they miss, you score.  Did we mention that there are no boundaries?  Once a point starts, players can move or hit the ball anywhere  

Who is Spikeball For?

We've found that Spikeball® appeals to a wide spectrum of ages and abilities. From family BBQs in your backyard to sun soaked beaches with your friends, "there are no limits to its potential".

“Baller baby! You guys are killing it!” − Mark Cuban, Shark Tank