Our Team

It’s always nice to know a little bit about who you are talking to. We have a great team at Spikeball devoted
to serving our customers and having orders ship on time and in full as we grow!


Jessica Perez – Wholesale Accounts Associate

Jessica came to Spikeball (and Chicago) from “America’s Winter Lettuce Capital.” Do I really need to say the city? We all know it’s Yuma, Arizona who produces 90% of the lettuce, citrus, and many cruciferous vegetables for the United States every winter. Formerly, she was a professional cake decorator and pastry chef. If you don’t have someone you know who baked delicious foods for a living… let’s just say we highly recommend finding one! …Mmmm. Peanut butter bars…oh sorry. Jessica loves all dogs, but of course loves her dog, Brody, the most. As if taking Latin Ballroom classes wasn’t enough fun she is also learning Spanish and to knit.

Ken Simon – VP, Sales

The Dude abides. Yes, this dude abides by the laws of gravity (as do many of us) and the wholesale world. There's not a retail shelf in the world Ken doesn't love, along with a mean white Russian. When he's not doing deals with wholesalers and distributors around the world, Ken can be seen playing in Spikeball Seniors Tournaments. True story that after Spikeball Nationals he was late to the after party due to a painfully long ice bath. Ken started his career as an 8th grade social studies teacher...He later went to biz dev department at the venerable Encyclopaedia Britannica where he inked a deal to distribute CD-ROMS on Kelloggs' cereal boxes ("This bowl is shiny and flat, and has a hole in it," said someone under 30). Then he sold advertising in video games..and there went his soul. Oh I kid. Having fun and doing good deals is Ken's thing. I told you, the Dude abides.

Kyle Kirkman – SMB Sales Manager

Self-appointed late night customer service guy on the Spikeball app, Tournament helper, Data tracker, Report Updater, Regular customer service guy, All around helper. These are some of the ‘jobs’ that Kyle had at Spikeball before joining us full-time on the sales team. Now he’s the guy reaching out sharing the awesomeness that is Spikeball. He is the 3rd Belmont University grad to join Spikeball full-time and stayed in Nashville TN. In addition to being competitive at Spikeball, Kyle enjoys Disc Golf, Rock Climbing, Kendama, and playing music. One of his favorite memories is playing a sold out show to Spikeball players after a tournament in town. Kyle is always slinging Spikeball sets wherever he goes. 


Becca Graham – Wholesale Support Associate

Becca is one of our incredible team members that we are fortunate enough to have round out our team with part-time hours. Becca’s full time job is keeping a 10 bedroom historic Bed and Breakfast. We’re not sure how she has any time in the day to spend with us, but we’re just crossing our fingers that she doesn’t notice. She has been working with Spikeball since she was in college and through a few years as a dietitian. During that time she has been involved in almost every aspect of the business. When she is not hosting at the Inn you can find her at Spikeball tournaments where she is a 4-time National Women’s Champion! Yes, we’re a little intimidated too, but she’s actually so friendly and approachable that she met her husband while playing Spikeball.

Bridget Miles – Senior Wholesale Support Manager

What’s that? You think you’re a master Sudoku player? Bridget has a personal record of 0:55 on expert level on a Sudoku app and is trying to qualify for the US team. When she’s not geeking out on Sudoku, or managing her women’s Ultimate team, she’s keeping our retail customers happy. She manages the customer service team on the retail side making sure all is happy in the land of ‘Stores-That-Carry-Spikeball’. She has entered more orders than laps Michael Phelps has swum and manages our credit and collections as well. We’re not sure when she sleeps either. We were lucky enough to pick her up right after she graduated from Northwestern (go Cats!) and she’s been killing it ever since. The line that sealed the deal for us, was when she was talking about her role of managing the Northwestern Women’s Ultimate team, she said, “I expanded what the role typically entailed because I just saw a lot more stuff that needed doing, so I did it.” One of our values at Spikeball is ‘own it’. Bridget exemplifies that to a tee.'

Daisha Swing – Wholesale Support Associate

Daisha is one of our incredible team members that we are fortunate enough to have round out our team with part-time hours. Daisha is starting her masters in Forensic Psychology and is a proud mama of a 3 year old boy! She is a self-proclaimed foodie, always excited to try exotic foods and loves spending her time traveling or reading. She is a customer service pro that genuinely loves to help people. On our team she responds to customer support needs and enters orders as well as tackling special projects. We are very happy to have someone so keen and pleasant working with us!

Kelly Eberhardt – Wholesale Support Associate

Kelly is one of our incredible team members that we are fortunate enough to have round out our team with part-time hours. She has lived in 5 different countries and traveled to 13 others. She went through an extensive defensive driving course including being chased at 80mph while reversing through an obstacle course complete with explosions! She has a studio art degree and is particularly passionate about sculpture. How many sculptors do you know? Kelly can make anyone feel comfortable during a conversation and her excitement for life is contagious!

Scott Wilson – Sr. Manager, Wholesale Operations

Scott started with Spikeball during his days as an undergrad at Belmont University. He reached out saying he wanted to get involved with Spikeball but that he couldn't work days because he was going to be in Northern Michigan mushroom hunting for a month with Joel, who is also now a Spikeball employee. Yeah, me neither, I had no idea mushroom hunting was a thing. Scott graduated early from Belmont and is the guy that makes sure our wholesale team is well oiled and scaling up as we grow. On a trip to LA for a Spikeball tournament, Scott had his phone stolen in a public bathroom. The guilty party eventually sold Scott his own phone back to him for $200. He also lost the tournament. Tough trip. On a different trip to LA for another tournament Scott was burned from someone’s hot coffee being spilled in his lap. Nowadays Scott stays away from trips to LA and loves playing drums, working on his house, and spending time with his little family.