Some say that if volleyball and foursquare had a baby it’d be named Spikeball.

We like to say we’re building the next great American sport.

Bridget Miles – Senior Wholesale Support Manager

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What’s that? You think you’re a big Gilmore Girls fan? Are you trying to read your way through a list of 300+ books that Rory Gilmore has been seen reading in the show? Didn’t think so. Bridget did. What’s that? You think you’re a master Sodoku player? Bridget has a personal record of 0:55 on expert level on a Sudoku app and is trying to qualify for the US team. You didn’t do that either, did you? When she’s not geeking out on Gilmore Girls, playing Sudoku, or managing her women’s Ultimate team, she’s keeping our retail customers happy. She manages the customer service team on the retail side making sure all is happy in the land of ‘Stores-That-Carry-Spikeball’. She has entered more orders than laps Michael Phelps has swum and manages our credit and collections. We’re not sure when she sleeps either. We were lucky enough to pick her up right after she graduated from Northwestern (go Cats!) and she’s been killing it ever since. The line that sealed the deal for us, was when she was talking about her role of managing the Northwestern women’s Ultimate team, she said, “I expanded what the role typically entailed because I just saw a lot more stuff that needed doing, so I did it.” One of our values at Spikeball is ‘own it’. Bridget exemplifies that to a tee.

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