Weekender Set

SKU S-CM-042


The classic Spikeball set just got an upgrade…introducing The Weekender. Whether you’re road tripping through the mountains or barbecuing on the beach, this sturdy new set is down for the ride and guaranteed to get your people on their feet. Built for longer rallies, a bouncier net and grippier balls keep the play going til the sun goes down… or at least long enough for you to put your friend Greg’s ego in check. A hardy new frame keeps the set grounded, whatever the weather. It’s the kind of competition that makes Grammy Dolores lay out for the save, and little cousin Sally let out a visceral “LET’S GOOOOO”... The Weekender is for the athlete in all of us.

Key Features

  • Beefier leg design to keep the set in place
  • Quick and even net assembly with new alignment tabs
  • Textured Rally Ball™ for greater control
  • Crisp new look - with enhanced rim angles for a more consistent bounce
  • More legendary rallies with your crew

The Weekender Set is replacing our former, standard set in the US only.

UPC# 850014763893
MAP Price: USD$69.99/unit
Unit Dimensions: L:9" x W:21.5" x H:4"
Unit Weight: 3.15 lbs
Mastercase Dimensions: L:13" x W:22.25" x H: 18.5"
Units per Pallet: 120 units
Country of Origin: China
Lifetime Warranty