Pro Ball 2-Packs

SKU A-PB-001


There is nothing worse than losing your last Spikeball over the fence. Put one of these out and let customers stock up on extra balls for their new Pro Kit. Yellow and black and fun all over. These are replacements for the balls that are included in the Spikeball Pro Kit. These are packed in twos and not included in a PDQ display. Best for e-commerce or catalog sales.

MAP Price: $13/2-pack unit
Unit Dimensions: L:8" x W:4" x H:4"
Unit Weight: 8 oz
Mastercase Dimensions: L:16.3" x W:8.4" x H: 16.5"
Mastercase Weight: 7 lbs
Units per Pallet: 576 2-pack units
Country of Origin: China